Art Basel Miami Beach 2022 : A Curated Selection

Written and photographed by Jennifer Carrera Turner

Art Basel Miami Beach the world’s grandest international art fair in the Americas closed out with strong sales and an overall attendance of 76,000 guests during the span of five days. This was the largest show on record as it celebrated its 20th year in the city of Miami Beach, Florida, United States.

There were 282 premier galleries exhibiting from 38 countries and territories as well as specially curated exhibitions presented by 29 galleries within the Kabinett sector, besides the Meridian Sector showing 20 additional projects of enormous scales from emerging and renowned artists curated by Magalí Arriola, Director of Museo Tamayo in Mexico City for the third year.

Highlighted artists from the Meridians Sector include but not limited to:

·         “Sojourner” by Cauleen Smith. (2018 – 2022) Presented by Morán Morán and

Corbett vs. Dempsey.

·         “Let the Mermaids Flirt with Me” by Christopher Myers. (2022)

Presented by James Cohan Gallery.

·         “The Grove” by Devan Shimoyama (2021) Presented by Kavi Gupta.

·         “Columbus Day” by Hock E Aye Vi Edgar Heap of Birds. (2019-2020) Presented by K Art.

·         “Birth” by Judy Chicago. (1984) Presented by Jessica Silverman.

·         “Silla” by Maria Jose Arjona. (2011) Presented by Rolf Art.

·         “Corpo Ranfla 2.0” by rafa esparza. (2022) Presented by Commonwealth and Council.

·         “Muholi V” by Zanele Muholi (2022) Presented by Stevenson.

Highlighted artists of the Kabinett Sector include but not limited to:

·         Alberta Whittle, Izumi Kato, Ascânio MMM, Margot Bergman, Romare Bearden and

Dewey Crumpler.

I attended Art Basel over the December 3rd weekend spending several hours meeting gallery representatives and photographing art. I selected some pieces that I enjoyed the most in both mid-century and contemporary periods that I am showing here below. These pieces are not in a specific order of importance as they all hold tremendous value each in their own way that cannot be compared.

“Golden Teacher Latte” by Katherine Bernhardt. (2022)
“Every Third” by Kenneth Noland. (1964) * far left side
“Color Pane” by Kenneth Noland. (1967)
“Inverted Monument” by Do Ho Suh. (2022) Presented by Lehmann Maupin.
Video accompaniment. “Inverted Monument” by Do Ho Suh. (2022) Presented by Lehmann Maupin.
Video accompaniment. “Inverted Monument” by Do Ho Suh. (2022) Presented by Lehmann Maupin.
“Yellow Tail” Everdur Bronze, Edition 2 of 6, 1AP by Lynda Benglis. (2022) Presented by Blum & Poe Gallery
“Protective Mother” by Clare Rojas. (2022) Presented by Jessica Silverman Gallery
“Untitled” by Wade Guyton. (2022) Presented by Matthew Marks Gallery.

Art Basel & Miami Art Week 2022: Emerging Artist Jordana Hanono

By Jennifer Carrera Turner

We have just survived Art Week in Miami, FL. The traffic and the enormous crowds cannot keep any of us away from the most anticipated South Florida Event of the year involving all things Fine Art. As the majority of us were making our pilgrimage in droves to the internationally famous Art Basel Miami Beach, we may also enjoy the smaller Art Fairs throughout the city which draws collectors and admirers alike.

It was while I was attending Art Basel Miami Beach preparing for a curating article that I met the PR agent for emerging artist Jordana Hanono. Once I was shown examples of her work I was completely floored. Jordana was participating at Aqua Art located on famous South Beach Miami’s Collins Avenue during Art Week December 1st -4th. VIP preview was held on Wednesday November 30th.

I now want to introduce you to this incredible emerging artist. I truly believe that her creative vision, skill and talent will bring her the ultimate status of a prosperous and highly collectible professional Artist. In saying this, she is in fact well on her way to her coveted achievements. I had the pleasure of contacting her and interviewing her for this personal article.

The American Dream by Jordana Hanono

Who is Jordana Hanono?

In her free time, you can find her making art — whether she is creating paintings, drawing, shading, or pressing her work onto streetwear which she shares with her friends. She originally started with drawings of family members and simple objects and then progressed into more technical mediums. In 2019, she attended a summer program at the School of Visual Arts, where she was introduced to nude drawing and painting, which characterizes much of her work today. Recently, she has experimented with creating images using crystal mosaics. Despite painstakingly placing each crystal one at a time, she enjoys the medium because it allows for a very granular control over the piece’s coloration and detail. Hanono’s work has been displayed in the David Rosen Galleries, Gallery Mavruk, Wentworth Gallery, New Area Art Gallery, Rochester Riverside Convention, 2021 All-County Art Exhibition, New York Board of Education Building, the local library, and her high school. Her first show took place at the Aqua hotel in Miami, during “Miami Art Week”. Hanono is studying art at Hunter college and hopes to make a career from it thereafter.

Utopia by Jordana Hanono
Q & A  Jordana Hanono

What is the name of the Art Fair you participated in last week in Miami?

Aqua Art

Power of the Eyes by Jordana Hanono

How have you participated in Aqua Art Fair?

I exhibited eighteen pieces at the aqua art fair. Most of which were created with swarovski crystals and would be considered pop art.

Elvis by Jordana Hanono

As a young emerging artist, have you developed a unique identifiable style?

I do not identify with a singular style. In recent years I have been experimenting with a variety of mediums and styles. Currently, I am focusing on pop art and mixed media. I love the creative freedom pop art offers. However, with that said I am best known for my work with swarovski crystals. Hand placing tens of thousands of crystals per piece is eye catching.

What are the mediums that you prefer?

I love working with spray paint and acrylic paint as the basis of my paintings. Additionally, I love experimenting with uncommon materials as well, such as newspaper, baseball cards, pouring paint, gold foil, and swarovski crystals.

Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness by Jordana Hanono

Who influenced you the most for becoming an artist?

I was lucky enough to have parents who have always supported my passion. They encouraged me to do something I love in life and continue with this path. Dali is my favorite artist. He strongly influenced my early art. Although our styles are different I valued his approach to his art. He was outside of the box and very original.

How long have you been creating?

I have been creating art all my life. I began taking my art seriously during the pandemic. I wanted to make the most of the free time I had.

Mom I Am A Rich Man by Jordana Hanono

Where do you see yourself as an artist 10 years from now?

By the age of twenty eight, I hope to be a well known artist that inspires other young artists like myself. I see myself displaying in many more galleries. But even more so, I see myself owning my own gallery. Additionally, I would like to see my art displayed in other countries as well. It has always been a dream of mine to study and display in Europe.

Website for the work of Jordana Hanono: