Jennifer Carrera Turner was born in the mid-seventies in West Palm Beach and is a 10th generation Floridian. Since childhood she studied the visual arts, creative writing and was especially focused on the cultures of the ancient world, history and religion. She is a 1994 charter class graduate of the Palm Beach County School of the Arts in West Palm Beach, FL (now known as Dreyfoos School of the Arts) where she advanced her interest in Art History, drawing, SLR darkroom film photography and painting. Later she attended and graduated with honors from Lynn University in Boca Raton, FL. In 2011 she began Carrera Art Studio as an outlet for her creative expressions such as photography and painting. Her visual arts subject matters include but are not limited to industrial, aviation, architectural and structural elements. She enjoys traveling throughout the United States and most recently Spain. She is a patron and supporter of the local Arts community.

Artist Statement

“Photography is the medium by which I use to capture something I wish to invoke a memory, a feeling and experience that I can to return to whenever I wish. The subjects of many of my compositions usually involve a degree of nostalgia. I am engaged with images I feel have a silent beauty and contain a rivaling strength. I shoot all of my photography in RAW format and currently use a Professional Full Frame 50.6mp Canon 5DsR DSLR. I use a selection of lenses accommodating the distance of my subjects. All of my photos are cropped visually through the lens the moment it is taken. My post-processing is performed individually in Lightroom 5 to fully develop and perfect the ultimate quality of each photo. I do not believe in extreme alterations of an image – it is my personal style that it remains natural. When I finish a photo and I have an emotional connection, it becomes an obsession.”

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