Palm Beach Photographer : Jennifer Carrera Turner


Jupiter Island Photography

By Jennifer Carrera Turner

I used to frequent this beach as a child. I decided to return here and take some photographs for both sentimental and spiritual inducing reasons. Always when the ocean meets the sand and the presence of rock structures show themselves as monuments it somehow creates this amazing juxtaposition. Although on such a small scale as compared to my visits to the California coast, my feelings here are so much closer to my heart.

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1200 x 1800 Jupiter Island 2 - 2018-131200 x 1800 Jupiter Island 2 - 20181200 x 1800 Jupiter Island 2 - 2018-31200 x 1800 Jupiter Island 2 - 2018-151200 x 1800 Jupiter Island 2 - 2018-101200 x 1800 Jupiter Island 2 - 2018-81200 x 1800 Jupiter Island 2 - 2018-12

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© Jennifer Carrera Turner and Carrera Art Studio, 2011 – 2018. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material or images without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Jennifer Carrera Turner and Carrera Art Studio with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

Photography Exhibition: Jennifer Carrera Turner 2018

Solo Photography Exhibition by Jennifer Carrera Turner featuring “Historic Catholic Churches” Religious Series and includes the introduction of “The Obsolete Existence: Industrial American Landscape”. This exhibition is the reception event following the “Duo Lopez Tabor” concert, performed by Mozart-Brahms-Latin American Duo: Alfonso Lopez, violinist and Michelle Tabor, pianist held at 3:00pm, January 21, 2018. St. Patrick Catholic Church, Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

Quonset Huts: A Study in Photography

When you are enthralled by something so simplistic yet so striking – as simple as the most basic steel architectural structures. That’s how I feel about Quonset Huts. It’s a Fine Art Photography Project that is personal at most. Now added to the Industrial Series Photography Portfolio.


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© Jennifer Carrera Turner and Carrera Art Studio, 2011 – 2018. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material or images without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Jennifer Carrera Turner and Carrera Art Studio with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

Laurence Gartel : The World of Art & Palm Beach SuperCars

West Palm Beach, FL – January 15, 2017

by Jennifer Carrera Turner

It was the seventh season of SuperCar Week in West Palm Beach, FL. A nine day event filled with the most unimaginable activities that any auto enthusiast both the average Joe and the VIP could appreciate. Most events were free to the general public, and the VIP enjoyed some really exclusive privileges that makes the upgrade worthwhile. If you are not a participator, then you can be a dreamer. Each event that is hosted, you surround yourself with the most incredible machines on earth, the most beautiful bodies, the most extreme engines and the ambiance of speed that one can ever have imagined!

This event is the annual production of Neil London, Tim Byrd, Thomas Clarke, and Gina Palmer and has been an incredible value to our local community, drawing crowds of well over 120,000 in attendance. On the last day of this sequence of events it closes with the largest SuperCar show in all of Florida and perhaps even the United States and includes an exclusive VIP party amidst it all.

The Sunday show boasts over 400 supercars – the most expensive and significant automobiles in the world ranging from makers such as: Ferrari, Audi, Maserati, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Bentley, BMW, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, Tesla, Land Rover, Bugatti, McLaren, Pagani and many more including new and classic American models. SuperCar Week focuses on sharing an exclusive experience with the public and an appreciation of automotive excellence, design and technology.


Now that we have the background of this amazing event presented, I can now tell you that someone who really stands out in this exclusive crowd is the one, Laurence Gartel, a world renowned American Artist and “pioneer of digital art” showcasing one of his elaborately designed Art Cars. I met Laurence a few years ago at a Lamborghini Palm Beach cars and coffee event. At first glance, you think “young Jerry Garcia” and he is every bit the most intriguing, down-to-earth, and most serious, passionate artist you will ever meet.


His extensive and ever-climbing career has spanned throughout decades having worked with Andy Warhol, Hans Grodo Frabel, and an eclectic mix of famous music artists including Blondie, The Sex Pistols, Kiss, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and many more.

“He was the official artist of the 57th Annual Grammy Awards”.  

Gartel has exhibited in an extensive list of high-end museums including the Museum of Modern Art and other galleries that house his permanent collections for example, National Museum of American History.


Gartel is the first artist commissioned by Tesla Motors during Art Basel Miami Beach in 2010, after having dedicated many years to creating his stylistic graphically designed “Art Cars”. He has produced countless different Art Cars of many high-end makes including a Renntech Mercedes SL 65 V-12 Bi-turbo, which was unveiled at Fisher Island, FL during Art Basel Miami Beach, 2014 and being shown at ArtPalmBeach 2017.

On Sunday, Gartel agreed to answer my interview questions which are posted below. My questions are based on not only his experience with participating in SuperCar Week over the years, but also his experiences with inspiration and of being an artist. I appreciate the time he took in answering these questions and it is an absolute honor to be able to share this with the world.


Laurence Gartel at ArtPalmBeach 2017 (Below: Being interviewed by Tim Byrd)


Even as he prepared to answer these questions for me after that Sunday, he was participating in the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration on Monday in Downtown West Palm Beach:

“No moss grows under my feet as I participated in the Martin Luther King Parade in Miami. I was driving 4MPH for 4Hours. Talk about an “Endurance Rally.” However, I put a smile on over 300,000 faces. And that is a good thing. We must stop poverty in America. While we “oogle” over million dollar cars there are people starving every day. Children going hungry so my perspective in answering questions may be a little different than normal. Having said that, I will do so to the best of my ability.”                  -Laurence Gartel, January 16, 2017

Gartel Interview Q & A:

1.    How many years have you participated in SuperCar Week?

 I have been participating from the inception of the event. That means when Neil London took over because someone else had the show before Neil. Neil turned it into a FREE mega-event for everyone to enjoy. 

 2.    What is your opinion on the outcome and progress of SuperCar Week 2017?

 SuperCar has turned into the greatest event in all over South Florida. Fun, Friendly, Easy, Joyous, and something for everyone. 

 3.    What additions would you like to see in the 2018 SuperCar Week?

 I would like to see more dealers participating. One year Ferrari was in, one year they were out. I’d like to see new car dealerships roll out some of their latest vehicles. Schumacher has been in for several years. I think that’s great. Neil London tries to cover every aspect from Electric Vehicles to SuperCars. It would be nice if Mr. Dezer brought out some of his fine cars from his collection as well. The more the better because cars are a huge part of our modern and contemporary culture. 

 4.    Whose work do you relate to most? Who or what inspires you?

 When you are an original, I’m not sure who’s work you relate to. I can say, if you asked me whose work do I admire, I can say: Michelangelo, DaVinci, Correvaggio, Bernini. I have a real appreciation for “perfection.” I have been asked to leave the Ufizzi Museum on a number of occasions by security because I sat in front of Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus” for hours until closing time. I am obsessed with “ultimate beauty.” Seeing Bernini’s sculpture “Apollo and Daphne” in person, is a life changing experience. 

 5. Do you enjoy collaboration work?

 On occasion. I did a collaboration last year with Hisachika Takahashi who was Robert Rauschenberg’s assistant for decades. I was up in Vermont where I was commissioned to create a 40th Anniversary work for Catamount Arts. Takahashi lived across the street and we had several talks about Bob. I had two exhibitions at Rauschenberg’s gallery at Edison College in Ft Myers. I knew Bob from the 70’s when he was working with Merce Cunningham. Takahashi remembered me as a young Artist so it was very moving to collaborate. 

 6. How has your practice changed over time?

 My practice has always been in a state of transition. Materials change, and thus so does technique. Creating 3-D sculptures with 3-D printers along with drawing with plastic that melts is also a new development. In creating Art Cars the vinyl material has changed as well. Making it more pliable and flexible. As far as the Art is concerned – Art changes depending on one’s travels and how it emotionally impacts you. 

 7. Describe yourself in one word. Why that word?

 FABULOUS. – Because everything I do is unsuspected. You will never know what I will do next. It is surprising and over the top. Nothing is ever predictable. 

 8. How is your personality reflected in your work?

My work IS my personality. Whether it be for the Grammy Awards or if it is for Forbes Magazine, Coca Cola, Mercedes Benz, or the Oslo Motor Show the Art is outrageous and has a live energy to it. “I am looking forward to waking people up, not putting them to sleep.” 

 9. How do you get inspired creatively with a new assignment?

 My talent is G-D given. That means that there is a wealth of creativity attached to each project. Depending on what it is, the project itself “inspires”. For instance, if it is a car, the lines and shape of the car have a lot to do with how the overall outcome will be. 

 10.  What do you dislike about the art world?

 I dismiss the pre-determined Art world. Any great Artist of any century dismissed the rules and created his own visual language. If I were to bitch and moan about the Art world I would say I hate the Nepotism. It is everywhere. However, it is a BIG world and we can by-pass those that keep the doors closed to others outside of their inner circle. 

 11. Name something you love, and why?

 LOVE? My significant other. My children. 

 12. What was it like designing for the Grammy’s? Was it a life changing experience?

 It surely was a highlight. I enjoyed being part of the festivities, the red carpet, the show, all the protocol and everything associated with it in Los Angeles. My collectors shipped the Renntech Mercedes that I designed for them for me to drive during my stay there. It was a most generous and kind thing to do. 

 13. What is your dream project?

 I have to think it up. Maybe painting a building. I’ve actually done everything I have wanted to do in life. ABSOLUT GARTEL for Absolut Vodka was a great triumph. To see my ad on the back of 100-million magazines was definitely a thrill. Especially when it was created with one of the first still-video cameras and Photoshop 2.0. Nobody ever saw anything like it before. Completely original. My cover of FORBES was amazing as well two years prior in 1989. My whole history is really interesting. Lots of firsts. Sometimes going backwards is just as exciting as going forward. Especially when that technology has come and gone and people have not seen it. 

 14. Where is your newest exhibition and what does it focus upon?

 My new museum exhibition in Italy is very exciting: “WARHOL vs GARTEL” HYP POP opened in Spoleto 22nd December 2016 and will run through 2nd April 2017. The show examines the similarities between my work and Warhol. I taught Andy how to use the Amiga Computer in 1985 when he was commissioned to produce the album cover for Debbie Harry. After that I took Digital Art into the Fine Art World interjecting it into the stratosphere. 


 (Images of Warhol vs. Gartel courtesy of Laurence Gartel.)

Photo Gallery of SuperCar Week 2017:

Barbara T. Smith, Graciela Carnevale, Shinro Ohtake and Iñigo Manglano – Ovalle : Art Basel Miami

December 4, 2016 – Miami Beach, FL

by Jennifer Carrera Turner

Another incredible year at one of the finest Art Shows in the world and the most premier Art Show of the Americas, Art Basel Miami Beach now finished it’s 15th season. In five days the show had admitted 77,000 visitors consisting of high-end private collectors, directors, curators, trustees and patrons from the most influential international museums and institutions.

It was reported that the participating galleries received abundant sales on all market levels. The Lead Partner of Miami Beach Art Basel is UBS and participating were 269 exclusive galleries coming from 29 countries which provided an incredible array of works. The extensive gamut included that of Modern and Contemporary masterpiece paintings, sculptures, elaborate installations, multi-media, film and photography from both established and emerging artists.

Art Basel Miami Beach is divided into specific sectors which organizes galleries into groups or sections. In one of these sectors named Survey which was developed three years ago (contains art created prior to year 2000), consisted of 14 galleries of which 4 were exhibiting for the very first time.


The Box, a gallery located in Los Angeles was one of the four first time exhibitors. The Box presented works by artist Barbara T. Smith (b. 1931), now in her eighties has been producing work for over 40 years. Smith, originally from Pasadena, CA but now residing in LA works in mediums such as sculptural installations, painting and performance. She is a dedicated feminist whose work experiments with “themes of the body, food, female desire, heterosexual relationships, sexuality, religion, transformation of the spirit, love and mortality”.

The project created by Smith shown in The Box’s space focused on her sculptural resin objects and a film that was shot on 16mm,  entitled Light Watch which is a one time-lapse shot of an enormous single resin ‘blade’ which is reminiscent of a thin obelisk type shape protruding from a large body of water.

The resin “blade” used in the film had originally been part of the late 1960’s sculptural installation titled Field Piece. It was a monumental work representing Smith’s vision of a “never-ending field of grass symbolizing personal freedom”. It consisted of several 15-foot tall hollow blades made of translucent resin. Along a white shelf in the booth on the wall were the vintage black & white photographs of the original installation showing the blades clustered together.

During the 1970’s through the 1990’s, Smith continued to focus on encasing different materials and objects within the resin which is a delicate toxic material to work with during the process of creation. Her work has been exhibited and collected by major museums such as the J. Paul Getty Museum, Hammer Museum, MOCA, LACMA, Art Institute of Chicago and was booth winner of the Frieze Stand Prize, in London, UK (2013). She is a pioneer of the use of mixed media and of using uncommon materials at a time when it was not relatively usual.




Another gallery in the Survey sector, espaivisor, Valencia, Spain presented the photography work of Graciela Carnevale (b.1942) of Argentina, titled ‘El encierro’ (1968) which is an important work of sociopolitical art in Latin America from the late 1960’s.

This work is a composition of 48 photographs which is the documented result of a large group of people who arrived by invitations to a “gallery reopening” event distributed by the artist’s husband, Carlos Militello. After the arrival of the guests, the gallery Ciclo de Art Experimental in Melipan was then locked unbeknownst to the visitors inside and the idea was that they were no longer the spectators but were the actual “unaware participants” in an experimental confinement in which the actions were continuously photographed. Instead of the people becoming violent, they patiently waited, however a passerby on the exterior actually broke the glass to let the guests escape.

A member of the Grupo de Arte de Vanguardia who was present, considered this to be a destructive act to the artist’s experiment thus in turn resulted in violence when trying to stop the people from leaving. This attracted the attention of a police intervention and then the eventual permanent closing of the Ciclo de Arte Experimental.

This photographic exhibit invites the viewer to recreate the events as you follow the photos along the walls.  El encierro (Confinement) has been on exhibit in countless international shows, including Documenta XII, Walker Art Center, MoMA PS1 and Foundation Cartier pour l’art contemporain in Paris.




Incredible works from Southeast Asia and other regions of the world were presented by STPI Gallery, Singapore.  Works in this gallery booth included Sam Durant (USA), Shirazeh Houshiary (UK), Jane Lee (Singapore), Shinro Ohtake (Japan), Do Ho Suh (South Korea/UK) and Entang Wiharso (Indonesia). This is the gallery’s third presentation at Art Basel Miami and were taken from the artist’s residencies at STPI. The media used consists of printmaking, lithography, etching, screen printing, and thread drawings on handmade papers.

Captivating is the bright neon yellow works of Shinro Ohtake which references the “yellowcake” or uranium release from the Fukushima Nuclear Powerplant disaster. The powerplant destruction was the result of the Great East Japan earthquake on March 11, 2011. “The works act as recordings of radioactive contamination and can be seen as a response to concerns it raised around nuclear energy, threats from nature, considerations of the earth and the universe, and relations between families and homes affected by the disaster.” – STPI Singapore. The two works titled Yellow Sight 1 and 7 (2015) are of Ohtake’s signature style which includes imagery from the artist’s everyday life.


The amazing floating-in-air suspended installation within the Galerie Thomas Schulte, Berlin, Germany booth was the creation of Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle. Born in Madrid, Spain (b.1961) currently lives and works in Chicago, USA, also teaches at the city’s famous School of Art and Design. The sculpture which reminds me of a huge liquid mass of mercury is absolutely breathtaking and is one of his Cloud Prototypes. These clouds are created of fiberglass and covered seamlessly in titatium alloy foil. “The shapes of the clouds are actually based on the data that is recorded by the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Illinois.”

Manglano-Ovalle’s work has been shown regularly in over 200 international solo and also group exhibitions. These include but not limited to Documenta 12, the Sao Paulo Biennale, the Venice Biennale of Architecture, as well as Museum of Modern Art, New York, the Guggenheim, New York and Bilbao, the Whitney Museum, New York, the Mass MoCA and numerous European venues, including the incredible Reina Sofia in Madrid, the Stedelijk Museum in Gent, and Haus Lange/Haus Esters in Krefeld.

These are just a few of the fascinating works of art and artists that I had the pleasure of learning about at my visit to Art Basel Miami Beach this past weekend.

The scale of this show is so grandiose you actually need to spend the extent of the days offered to take in all of the amazing surroundings, talent and passion within the complex both indoors and outdoors.

It is obvious why it continues to have such a draw to collectors, prestigious galleries and those who appreciate fine art from around the globe. When you take the time to learn how, why and realize the intensity behind these works of art can you truly appreciate it.

More photos from Art Basel Miami Beach 2016:


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Nature Photography: Birds, Butterflies & Flowers

By Jennifer Carrera Turner

Today I took my mom to Butterfly World in Coconut Creek, FL to appreciate the scenery and to play with some nature photography in a more controlled environment. You are absolutely guaranteed birds and butterflies!  It’s a wonderful place to visit for children and adults of all ages and very much fun and challenging to photograph. A very peaceful and relaxing place to visit! Enjoy!

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nature-garden-photography-16 nature-garden-photography-13 nature-garden-photography-11 nature-garden-photography-22 nature-garden-photography-24 nature-garden-photography-19 nature-garden-photography-23 nature-garden-photography-20 nature-garden-photography-15 nature-garden-photography-21 nature-garden-photography-18 nature-garden-photography-25 nature-garden-photography-8 nature-garden-photography-12 nature-garden-photography-6


nature-garden-photography-2 nature-garden-photography-9 nature-garden-photography-4 nature-garden-photography-10 nature-garden-photography-5 nature-garden-photography-3 nature-garden-photography nature-garden-photography-17 nature-garden-photography-14

CANVAS Local Showdown 2016 West Palm Beach

By Jennifer Carrera Turner

On the evening of November 11, 2016 seven artists competed in a live local showdown creating enormous murals on shipping containers in Historic Northwood Village, West Palm Beach, FL. Here are the final photos of their amazing artwork! This event is one of many in conjunction with the CANVAS Outdoor Museum Show created by Nicole Henry of Nicole Henry Fine Art.

Participating Artists in the Local Showdown:

Jhonattan Arango, Palm Beach County

Ron Burkhardt, Palm Beach County

Jennifer Chaparro, Martin County

Cheryl Maeder and Marilyn Walter, Palm Beach County

Eduardo Mendieta, Palm Beach County

Ruben Ubiera, Miami-Dade County

Luis Valle, Miami-Dade County