Nature Photography: Birds, Butterflies & Flowers

By Jennifer Carrera Turner

Today I took my mom to Butterfly World in Coconut Creek, FL to appreciate the scenery and to play with some nature photography in a more controlled environment. You are absolutely guaranteed birds and butterflies!  It’s a wonderful place to visit for children and adults of all ages and very much fun and challenging to photograph. A very peaceful and relaxing place to visit! Enjoy!

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nature-garden-photography-16 nature-garden-photography-13 nature-garden-photography-11 nature-garden-photography-22 nature-garden-photography-24 nature-garden-photography-19 nature-garden-photography-23 nature-garden-photography-20 nature-garden-photography-15 nature-garden-photography-21 nature-garden-photography-18 nature-garden-photography-25 nature-garden-photography-8 nature-garden-photography-12 nature-garden-photography-6


nature-garden-photography-2 nature-garden-photography-9 nature-garden-photography-4 nature-garden-photography-10 nature-garden-photography-5 nature-garden-photography-3 nature-garden-photography nature-garden-photography-17 nature-garden-photography-14


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